July 22, 1998 - The Casbah: San Diego, CA
Set (incomplete):
Regular John
If Only
You Can't Quit Me Baby
How to Handle a Rope
Give the Mule What He Wants
Tension Head
Hispanic Impressions
Walkin on the Sidewalks
Recording Info
no info available
Review by: Spacely Sprockets

San Diego, Casbah: Queens rock the Casbah!! There was an another band playing before Fatso, but they were forgettable. Pretty full venue. Before the show I met the gracious Dave Catching, who informed me he would be playing "piano" for Queens.

I remember hanging around playing video games in the back of the Casbah before the show, and then looking to my right and seeing Josh playing Guns’n’Roses pinball. Fatso Jetson was great, they played mostly songs from Power of Three and Flames for All, which wasn’t released yet. Josh was in the audience bobbing his head for a couple of songs during Fatso’s set. They were doing a really cool instrumental of the song “Flames for All” on this tour. And then Queens came on. They opened with Regular John. The sound was excellent. The band was tight. Josh and Nick were looking at each other with looks of amazement after the first chorus of the song, like, "Holy fuck we sound good...". Josh’s vocals were a bit low, but no-one cared.

Crowd was digging it. Lots of smiling faces. They closed with Walkin on the Sidewalks to a totally stunned crowd. Other songs played: If Only (3rd song played), You Can’t Quit Me, How to Handle a Rope, Mexicola, and Give the Mule what He Wants. Tension Head got big cheers. No Desert Sessions songs, no These aren’t the Droids, and no 18A.D. on this tour. No Born to Hula until the Aptos show. The Bronze was played at least 3 times on this tour. No Kyuss songs until the Aptos show. After this show, I walked away feeling that I had just experienced the heaviest, coolest, most original music of all time.
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